Teaching Abroad in Ireland: Guest Post from Realta Ranga

About Me

Hello! I’m Aisling. I’m 34 and I teach here in Ireland, which is home to me. I grew up in Dublin and, after a 10 year career in publishing and event management, I re-trained as a teacher 6 years ago. I love teaching and often wonder why I didn’t go that direction from the beginning. I’m currently teaching 6th class. These children are in their eighth and final year of primary school. They are typically 11-12 years old. I love working with this age group and love the relationships I can build with the students and the fun I can have while we teach and learn together. I run a bilingual blog called Réalta Ranga which translates as Classroom Stars. 

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Teaching Abroad in France: Guest Post from Izzy

Hi ! Hello ! Bonjour ! Salut !

I'm Izzy. I live in the west of France and I'm an ESL teacher. I've been teaching for 15 years, to pupils from 10 to 15 years old. I first started with pupils from 15 to 20 and I also taught French to foreign students, aged from 5 to 15, arriving in France. I also taught English to deaf students which was the most amazing and enriching teaching experience I had, apart from what I live everyday with my students. I also worked in Paris for six years and near London for two years.

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